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The Opportunity is a bulk vending machine route developer that offers you the best way to start a bulk vending route business. We can provide a custom or established route with training and ongoing support.  Work from home.  No experience is necessary.  As long as you have a vehicle and are good with people you can start your business now.  Start part time, full time or in your spare time.  Expand while you keep your current job. Bulk vending is a recession proof business with unlimited potential that lets you be your own boss. Check out our Build A Route and Buy A Route sections to see what we have to offer.


Business advisors say: “When you’re looking to start a business in a new field work with someone who is successful in that field and will share the business’ strategies and pitfalls.  This will save you time and money.”  This is the key advantage of working with  We do not manufacture machines or distribute products for bulk vending machines.  Our focus is route development, support and your success. Give us a call to discuss your goals, ideas and plans.

How to get started

Call now

Look at our Build A Route section to get an overview of what we can do for you. Give some thought to where you would like your route and look at our Routes for Sale  section to see if there are any routes in areas you like. Keep in mind that we can always place additional machines in and around an established route to “beef up” the income. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your plans.


We only offer top of the line trouble free equipment from the leaders in the bulk vending industry. All machines are equipped with the best, most reliable coin mechanisms in the business.


Everyone that buys a route from us will be trained so that they are totally knowledgeable about the machines and their coin mechanisms. In addition, we go over any service questions that your locations might have. This way you’re prepared and comfortable to service your locations. And we’re always available to give you any support needed.

Contact us

Now that you understand how Routes For Sale can help you build and grow your vending business give us a call and tell us how we can help you.

(888) 363-1414

Our machine selection

Double Head

Routes for sale double head

Single Head

Candy Routes for sale NY, NJ, PA

Triple Head

Triple head on routes for sale

6 Way

Routes for sale 3x3 machine combo

1×2 Combination

Combination 1x2

2×3 Combination

Routes for sale 2x3 combination machine


Routes for sale spiral


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